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Gastro delicacies for everyone

Would you like dinner before boarding the ferry? Or would you like to enjoy a romantic dinner before setting out in to Turku’s nightlife?

Would you like dinner before boarding the ferry? Or would you like to enjoy a romantic dinner before setting out in to Turku’s nightlife? Gastro Pub, which has a long tradition, has delicacies available for even the most demanding diners.



Assortment of sausages with roasted onion and aioli (l,g) 5,50 €

French fries or sweet potato fries with dip (l,g) 4,50 €

Seaport´s roasted garlic bread and herb cream cheese (l) 4,00 €

Cheese plate 6,00 €

Nacho basket, Devil´s jam and dip (l,g) 4,50 €

Green salad (l,g) 4,50 €

Falafel balls, avocado salsa and Seaport’s ranch sauce (l,g) 5,50 €

Main courses

Creamy smoked salmon soup (l,g) 11,40 €
archipelago bread (inc.glut.) and butter (l,g)

Fresh salad bowls 16,30 €
fresh salad, melon, cherry tomatoes, roasted pine nuts,
marinated red onion and Seaport’s ranch sauce
Add your choice of

  • Grilled beef (l,g)
  • Chicken (l,g)
  • Smoked salmon  (l,g)
  • Falafel (l,g)
  • Mozzarella (g)
  • Halloumi cheese (l,g)

Tender pork shank 250g (l,g) 19,90 €
parmesan potatoes, red wine sauce

Minute Steak (l,g) 19,90 €
brandy butter and French Fries

Grilled beef (l,g) 25,90 €
grilled beef tenderloin, red wine sauce,
roasted garlic-thyme potatoes

Blue cheese chicken (l,g) 18,90 €
tender chicken escalopes, blue cheese sauce,
wedge potatoes

Seaport´s feta vegetable patty (l,g) 16,90 €
avocadosalsa, coleslaw and sweet potatoe fries

Smoked salmon (l,g) 22,90 €
roaste garlic-thyme potatoes, Seaport’s ranch sauce

 Ask our staff about the origin of meat.


Classic Seaport (ll) 17,20 €
180 g beef patty, salad, tomato, Monterey Jack cheese,
pickled cucumber, red onion and cucumber mayonnaise

Bacon burger (l) 17,80 €
180 g beef patty, crispy bacon, fresh salad, cheddar,
red onion, Devil´s jam and aioli

Double burger (l) 19,50 €
two 180 g beef patties, cheddar, fresh salad,
roasted onion and paprika with chili-cranberry mayonnaise

Beef fillet burger (l) 19,50 €
beef fillet, cheddar, fresh salad, marinated red onion,
cucumber mayonnaise

Chicken burger 17,20 €
tender chicken escalopes, mozzarella, fresh salad,
tomatoe and tartar sauce

Veggie burger (l) 16,20 €
red onion, fresh salad, avocado salsa, cucumber mayonnaise and Devil’s jam and your choice of: grilled halloumi OR Seaport’s feta vegetable patty

all burgers are served with French Fries

Dips (l,g) 0,50 €
cucumber mayonnaise, aioli, chili-cranberry mayonnaise, avocado mayonnaise, avocado salsa, tzatziki


Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream 7,50 €

Vanilla panna cotta with strawberry sauce (l,g) 6,00 €

For kids 12 and under

Creamy smoked salmon soup (l,g) 7,20 €

Frankfurters and fries (l,g) 7,50 €
ketchup and dip

Hamburger with fries (l) 8,70 €
tomato, gherkin, salad, cheese, mayonnaise and ketchup

Smoked salmon and potato wedges (l,g) 10,00 €
tartar sauce

Minute steak and french fries (l,g) 10,00 €
savory butter and dip



l = lactose free
ll = low lactose
g = gluten free

side dish change 2,00 €