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Gastro delicacies for everyone

Would you like dinner before boarding the ferry? Or would you like to enjoy a romantic dinner before setting out in to Turku’s nightlife?

Would you like dinner before boarding the ferry? Or would you like to enjoy a romantic dinner before setting out in to Turku’s nightlife? Gastro Pub, which has a long tradition, has delicacies available for even the most demanding diners.



Assortment of sausages with roasted onion and aioli (l,g) 6,90 €
add french fries +3 €

French fries or sweet potato fries with dip (l,g) 4,50 €

Seaport´s roasted garlic bread and herb cream cheese (l) 4,00 €

Cheese plate 6,00 €

Nacho basket, salsa and crème fraîche (l,g) 4,50 €

Green salad (l,g) 4,50 €

Falafel balls, avocado salsa and aioli (l,g) 5,50 €

Main courses

Creamy smoked salmon soup (l,g) 11,40 €
archipelago bread (inc.glut.) and butter (l,g)

Fresh salad bowls 16,30 €
fresh salad, melon, cherry tomatoes, roasted pine nuts,
marinated red onion and crème fraîche sauce
Add your choice of

Chicken (l,g)
Smoked salmon  (l,g)
Falafel (l,g)
Crayfish (l,g)
Halloumi cheese (l,g)

Minute Steak (l,g) 19,90 €
seasoned butter and French Fries

Pepper steak (l,g) 25,90 €
grilled beef tenderloin, pepper sauce,
roasted garlic-thyme potatoes

Blue cheese chicken (l,g) 18,90 €
tender chicken escalopes, blue cheese sauce,
wedge potatoes

Seaport´s feta vegetable patty (l,g) 16,90 €
avocadosalsa, tartar sauce and sweet potatoe fries

Smoked salmon (l,g) 22,90 €
roasted garlic-thyme potatoes, tartar sauce

Seaport’s pa-fried meat patty (l,g) 16,90 €
180 g beef patty with mashed potatoes, creamy onion sauce,
lingonberry jam

 Ask our staff about the origin of meat.


Classic Seaport (l) 17,20 €
180 g beef patty, salad, tomato, cheddar cheese,
pickled cucumber, red onion and cucumber mayonnaise

Bacon burger (l) 17,80 €
180 g beef patty, crispy bacon, fresh salad, cheddar,
red onion, Devil´s jam and aioli

Hot burger (l) 17,50 €
180 g beef patty, chorizo, cheddar, red onion,
pickled cucmber, chili mayonnaise

Chicken burger 17,20 €
tender chicken escalopes, mozzarella, fresh salad,
tartar sauce

Veggie burger (l) 16,20 €
fresh salad, avocado salsa, Devil’s jam, cucmber mayonnaise
and your choice of: grilled halloumi OR Seaport’s feta vegetable patty

Extra patty for all burgers + 3 €

All burgers are served with French Fries

Dips (l,g) 0,50 €
cucumber mayonnaise, aioli, chili mayonnaise, tartar sauce, avocado salsa


Chocolate cake with raspberry sorbet 7,50 €

Vanilla panna cotta with strawberry sauce (l,g) 6,00 €

Ice cream – / sorbet scoop with sauce 3,50 €

For kids 12 and under

Creamy smoked salmon soup (l,g) 7,20 €

Frankfurters and fries (l,g) 7,50 €
ketchup and dip

Hamburger with fries (l) 8,70 €
tomato, gherkin, salad, cheese, mayonnaise and ketchup

Smoked salmon and mashed potatoes (l,g) 10,00 €
tartar sauce

Minute steak and french fries (l,g) 10,00 €
savory butter and dip

Childrens’ artesan pizza (l) 8,00 €
mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and rucola



l = lactose free
ll = low lactose
g = gluten free

side dish change 2,00 €